Relaxing holiday in Florida

Me and my family had such a great, relaxing holiday after Christmas in Florida. We met our relatives and explored Florida from Orlando to Miami and all the way to the Southernmost point of the USA in Key West. I would have never expected such a beautiful places which we found in the Keys. Islamorada was to me like a paradise with relaxing moment in hammock in the sandy beach under the palm trees. Key West was totally different, but still a exciting place. I would say that you can find  a lot of influence from the Caribbean…and after all, it is the closest place to Caribbean I have ever been.

Holiday in Florida was not really expected as a source of inspiration to my cooking, but surprise surprise, I found a lot of great things. Breakfast with pancakes and fresh pineapple was one of those things. Here is a recipe for the pancakes, which I modified from Martha Stewarts basic pancake recipe to a more healthy direction by using coconut rise ”milk” instead of cow milk and replaced butter with coconut oil.

American Breakfast Pancakes

Minna's Mat Pancakes



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